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I’m a 19-year-old guy who has a keen interest in marketing, business and entrepreneurship. I’m an aspiring Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Freelancer.

Hari Om Singh (aka Digital Hariom) is a Social Media Strategist & Marketer, Digital Marketer and an Influencer Manager. I started my career at the age of 17 i.e back in 2019, I learnt many things like Website Designing, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC and much more.

I specialize in Social Media Marketing. I manage multiple influencers also have a 10M+ audience base on Social Media. I’m known as Digital Hariom on Instagram and other platforms.

I won many certificates, awards and prizes for Digital Marketing.

I have won the Award of Excellence from Deepak Kanakaraju. I joined him as an intern and like me around 5000-6000 other people also joined as an intern and at the end of the Internship Period. I was in the Top Interns and won this Award. I got selected in Top 7% of those Interns. 

I have mentored 150+ students and taught them about Digital Marketing. Helped many businesses and brands to grow in the online medium by creating a guided marketing strategy & consultancy.

You might be wondering if I have to go for Social Media Marketing then why do I learn SEO, Email Marketing, Website Designing, etc.?

I learned Digital Marketing so that I can serve my clients with the best results.

I believe “if you stop learning you’ll stop winning“, so I keep on learning new things and execute those learnings in the projects to get the best results out of that eventually it will help me to serve more efficiently.

But, How can I Help You?

✅ We help Businesses & Creators to dominate Social Media and Generate Leads, Sales & Revenue.

✅ We help Creators, Coaches, Consultants, and Influencers grow their following on Social Media and Generate leads and more Revenue.

✅ We help you to Generate more Sales & Leads through Facebook Ads.

We make the right marketing tools for your business and make the world talk about you and show the world who you are!

Our expertise stands in the field of Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Creation and Digital Marketing.

Remember, you are not just getting your social media built with us, but you are creating a pathway for your business and getting a platform from where your consumers can engage, enrich and purchase. Our mission is to shape new brands every day helping them grow with our social means and excellent services.

With our unique creativity and consistency, we manufacture and deliver campaigns, ideas, ads, social media timelines and most importantly, 360-degree social media marketing satisfaction. Doesn’t matter if you have a high-end budget with viral campaigns or a low-end budget with branding motives, we specialize in curating and executing social media at all levels.

Services we offer to our Clients:

Facebook Ads Management

Leverage your Leads, Sales & Revenue with the power of Facebook Ad Campaigns

What's Special?

Our CPA-focused approach means that everything about your campaign is geared to generating you the highest return on your ad spend.

Instagram Profile Management

Build your Social Presence and Personal Brand on Instagram

What's Special?

We focus on getting results like traffic to your website, links of booking your service, etc instead of only followers.

On connecting with us, your profile will be taken care of like ours :p

Instagram Ads Management

Make Instagram ads a part of your holistic social strategy

What's Special?

Building a following on social media can take time. You can’t publish a single post and expect it to send floods of customers rushing to buy your products. Unless you use paid advertising. With Instagram Ad campaigns you can get much quicker results.

Content Creation

"Content attracts the audience and audience converts into customer"

What's Special?

We know the power of good content on social media is immense. With the right strategy. you can attract your ideal clients to your brand, service and grow a loyal audience that not only follows you but actually buys from you!

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns that gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, get you more leads and sales.

What's Special?

Building a customer base on your website can take time. You can’t publish your product or website and expect it to send floods of customers rushing to buy your products. Unless you use paid advertising. With Google Ad campaigns you can get much quicker results.

Marketing Consultation

Social Media Strategy | Digital Marketing Consultation

What's Special?

Our Consultations can help you across all social media strategies. We are a certified Digital Marketing Executive and Consultant.

Mentored 100+ students and businesses.

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What do our Clients say about us?

Rana Carbide Dies

He has listened to our needs, and we have been pleased with the creative design concepts he has developed for us. I look forward to working with him again.

R.P. Singh

Rana Carbide Dies

Digital Hariom

I had the pleasure of working with Digital Hariom for the Website & Logo Designing of my Ayurvedic Firm. He creates a really good agency-client synergy, it was very easy to cooperate.

Nishant Bhardwaj

Abhay Ayurcare

PPC Services

We have done a PPC project with Digital Hariom, it was well structured and bring us 87% of conversion.

Deepak Kohli

Divine Enterprises

Social Media Marketing

Hey Hariom

Really thankful for today's session. May you achieve all that your heart desires.

Stay Blessed.

Surbhi Arora

Business Planar

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"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is." - Scott Cook, Co-Founder of Intuit