Before understanding the Top Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing in 2021 even if you're a beginner! we should understand Why it'll never Die?

As we all are moving towards the digital world, the Government of India also
focusing on Digital India so it means in a few years we’ll be online😍 (even I
should say we are), and marketing never dies, as to sell anything we have to
take the help of marketing.

Have you noticed, whatever you have bought till now, you must have seen
ads or any other marketing stuff then only you have decided to buy that

So, “digital” & “marketing” both comprises Digital Marketing and hence it will never die.

Digital Marketing is nowadays booming and it’s growing by leaps and
bounds🚀 Do you know the reason?

Because, it doesn’t need any college degree, school certificate or any
qualification, you just need a data connection (thankfully which is available to all in cheap rates), laptop/desktop and a little bit brain to understand things to apply them.

Marketing is always helpful in growing a business, startup, or an event. Then
what special in Digital Marketing?

It’s effortless to learn, and you can generate side income with this by
becoming a freelancer or you can also make a career by doing full time and
have luxury life and every business require digital marketing now and it’s
helpful for them as it can grow a business by 3x to 5x times.

learn digital marketing

But before starting Digital Marketing, we should clear our concepts and need
to understand that Marketing is important, digital marketing is the further
classification of Marketing.

Most people think that marketing is very difficult and for that, we have to be
good at graphic designing, English, and they think it’s related to business only
and they made this very complicated, while Marketing is based on Science
or human Psychology, not on Creativity.

If you’re creative that’s good but it’s not an essential thing. Marketing starts
before creating the product. You should have a roadmap on how will you
market your products/services.

It starts with understanding the customer & the customer’s need that leads to
creating a product that fits them. As you’re going to help them so you must
know what they need?

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customer”

– Seth Godin

It’s similar to a Restaurant service when you go to a restaurant and a waiter
comes to your table and ask for the order when you place an order then they
start cooking/baking your order, is this happened ever that you visit a
restaurant and instead of asking your order, they serve you all dishes to you?

Obviously, No. They only serve what you ordered. And they start serving after
you place the order.

Similarly, you must know the understanding of your audience and what are
they expecting from you. So that you can deliver the content/product/service
which is relatable for that.

Because Marketing is about sending the right message to the right
person, at the right time.

Now you have your product but if you’re thinking that selling is marketing?

Then you’re wrong!

Marketing is not just about selling. It is also about keeping an existing
customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a
customer for life.

Have you noticed, once you purchase anything then you will get feedback or
review mail or the shopkeeper will also ask the same questions like How’s
your experience, How’s the product, etc.?

Because their purpose is to build a brand & capture a position in our minds.

And if your experience was fine then you’ll recommend to your friends &
relatives so the word of mouth becomes the biggest marketing asset &
at that time the product starts selling itself.

Sounds great, right? 😃

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him & sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous”

 – Peter Drucker

Marketing is a game of perceptions and never let marketing becomes more
important than the product.

A great product sells itself. And if you know how to market & sell, you have a
safe & sound career.

But marketing requires a thing and which is the most important and i.e. Communication Skills.

Now, you might be thinking Hariom, how communication skills are related to Marketing or Digital Marketing?

So, good marketing is all about good communication.

Now, are you thinking that I’m talking about fluent English or language skill?

If yes, so let me clear one thing I’m not talking about language skills, I’m
talking about communication skills.

Language Skills are different from communication skills.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are independent of English.
Talking in fluent English doesn’t show you have good communication skill.

If you can convey your message successfully to your readers, viewers or any
the person then only you can say you have good communication skills.

Marketing doesn’t see how fast you’re speaking English? Marketing can be
done in Hindi or any native language as well.

Marketing only sees good communication.

Good communication doesn’t mean using jargon in your talks or any sophisticated English word.

Good communication is if you are able to transfer your thought effectively as I’m transferring my thoughts to you. Maybe in this, I have done grammatical errors but you understand my thoughts so that’s how it works.

But if you have any doubt and you want to improve your communication skill so I have a solution for you, Start writing.

The more you write, the better you can write as well as speak.

Writing slows down your thought process! I agree but it gives you clarity.

And as now we’re connected to each other so I’ll share my personal suggestion with you that start thinking in English, I’m not promoting English but start thinking in English you’ll get to know the difference in your skills.

You can also watch stand up comedy shows, movies & sitcoms but it should be in English.

Now, you’re wondering that earlier I said Marketing is all about how you do it!

So, what’s the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, as both are types of marketing?

So, you’re right both are marketing but there is a difference, would you like to know?

Let me guess your answer!

-Obviously Yes, Hariom!

What’s the difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing?

In traditional marketing,

  • You can’t personalize the communication
  • You can’t do deep marketing
  • You can’t do natural sales

So, this is very difficult for a wide medium.

Digital Marketing is the best medium to reach potential customers, it’s cost-effective and you can analyze the results too.

Now, you’re wondering if it’s so good then I can earn a lot? Hmm… maybe YES as well as NO. Actually, it depends on some funnels & frameworks i.e. CATT Marketing Funnel & Framework.

What is CATT Marketing and Framework?

It’s a formula by using which you can know your wealth you’re going to make.


Learn Digital Marketing

[n] – NICHE: Your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose.

[C] – CONTENT: Create useful content that attracts people from your niche it may be your blog (check this blog for B2B Content Marketing), posts, etc.

[A] – ATTENTION: Drive attention to your content using Social Media, SEO, referrals, etc.

[T] – TRUST: Build trust with your audience with marketing automation & retargeting, Email Marketing plays an important role here.

[T] – TRANSACTION: Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.

It’s a circle basically and you have to follow all these, every time and you have to learn, then only you can provide Content. Everything is interlinked.

But most people start this cycle by thinking for Transaction while it’s the last thing. Life is a boomerang what you give, you get!

So, start giving value then you’ll start getting value.

So now you might think of what should I start first?

Firstly, choose a niche. A Niche must be the combination of Talent, Market & Passion.

Learn Digital Marketing

Now, the very next question arises is what should we learn so that we can make it our niche?

People think that learning Ads, Social Media, etc. will be sufficient but it’s not.

Here is a representation that speaks a lot.

Learn Digital Marketing

This is the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework.

Do you know how to make 1 crore INR?

I learned this calculation from Digital Deepak. So, I give credit to him for this and I learned it very well that’s why I’m sharing here so that you can also learn this.

Are you excited to learn this formula?

– Obviously Hariom

Here, We go…

Learn Digital Marketing

Provide quality value.

If you do everything for everyone then you will be nobody to everyone.

And the best known will always beat the best because people want to hear
from YOU, not from brands.

A personal brand becomes an influencer that’s the power of PERSONAL BRANDING.

But nothing is perfect, right? So Personal branding also has a downside but it won’t affect any business instead it will help you to start a new one.

A personal brand cannot rise to many brands from his/her influence.

But As you’re now a personal brand so if you will start a new company investor will invest in your new company because you’re starting it.

But the question is how to evolve as a Personal Brand, right? But Don’t worry I have a solution for that look at this picture and then understand.

Everything starts with LEARN this cycle too.

LEARN: Learn a new skill through concepts, facts. Understand those concepts. Remember the facts & practice more. And never stop this.

WORK: Put your new-found skills to work. Go from practice to implementation.

BLOG: Write about what you have learned & experienced through your work when you write, you understand it better, but you will also start building your personal brand.

Learn Digital Marketing

CONSULT: Now, you have a personal brand, have work experience & have learned the fundamentals, start consulting other businesses instead of working for them.

MENTOR: Mentor others who want to become like you. While mentoring you’ll also learn and scale your understanding to a whole new level.

STARTUP: After following all these Now, start your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, the problem & your own skills.

This cycle never ends and interlinked. So, no matter how well are you doing always follow these steps, and you’ll build an even more big Personal Brand.

Now you have read it, I appreciate your hunger to learn new things. Don’t you think marketing is easy to do?

Yaa obviously not so easy but I know you can do it.

Comment down your questions or problems you’re facing while learning Digital Marketing!


Digital Hariom